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My Experiment

July 13th, 2005 at 09:51 pm

So, I've been checking out various ways to make a little extra cash. It'll be my little experiment. I got a few suggestions tonight and signed up with a few 'paid to click' type websites. I signed up with 4 main sites right now, and I'll see how it goes. Some have a good sign up bonus, and low pay out. Works for me. I also signed up with PayPal, so I can transfer any funds there...since I didn't use the service I wasn't aware that they have a MMA available for the funds in your account, earns 3.22%. Not bad ~ I'll take advantage of that.

Anyway, here are the sites I signed up with, and I've included my referral link (if you want to sign up, just click on the link next to each site if provided).

Bank in the Bucks: http://www.bankinthebucks.com/pages/index.php?refid=karnic3881
Has a low payout of just $5. You earn small amounts by the daily clicks they provide to you (you can choose to receive email or just log-in). Also earns point values as well, can use this for advertising and to get paid for each referral you bring in. It seems okay but would take awhile to get to that $5 mark. But, free money is free money.

InboxDollars: http://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=karnic3881
This is my favorite, based upon the look of the site and the availability to earn cash. I already have $8.55 (you receive a $5 signup bonus, and $5 for each referral). I just can't seem to find the payout amount required to request payment.

Email Pays U: http://e-mailpaysu.com/members/index.cgi?karnic3881
This site pays you $10 for signing up. So far my account has $10.03. It awards cash as well as points. It seems if you complete offers you'll get paid well, but my purpose here is strictly to make money, not spend it. You can click on a few sites per day and get paid, and again, the more people you refer, the better off you are. What I do like is that the points convert to cash at a certain level, so at least you get rewards in that instance. The first payout amount is $39.99 or more, and $15 afterwards.

GainMail: http://www.gainmail.com/pages/index.php?refid=karnic3881
Seems similar to Bank in the Bucks.

In addition to these paid to click sites, I also signed up for another survey site, where the referral is key.

Survey Savvy: http://www.surveysavvy.com/ss/ss_index.php?id=2094310&action=join
I get an average of $2 for every survey my referrals complete, and they get $1 for their referrals and so on... another pyramid idea.

So we shall see how this all turns out. I will keep track of it all and report back in a post in a month's time.

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