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No Spend Day

July 15th, 2005 at 06:42 pm

Today was a no spend day. Honestly didn't do anything today ~ was online and read up on the forums here, and then read the other journals (here and other journals online). I also visited all my paid to click sites, I had a full email box this morning. I would say that that whole experiment is going well so far, I am pleased.

I also received the book I ordered off Amazon.com today, "You Don't Have to Be Rich" by Jean Chatzky. I read a little bit of that but I don't feel very focused so I put it aside for now. The other thing on my agenda is to work out tonight. I am glad I started the other journal to keep tabs, because it puts the pressure on a little bit.

Hoping that SO's disability check for this past month comes this week. Luckily he has no bills other then his car payment and insurance, but I do need his help for the cell and cable bills. I could pay it, but that will take away from what I put in savings... we intermingle our money technically, but at the same time we don't, if that makes any sense. He was going to call up his financing company for his car and try to skip this month, sometimes they let you do that (mine sent me this as a 'gift'). Oh yeah ~ I am going to finish filling out the refinancing paperwork for my car today. I only have until the 27th and I keep forgetting to do it. Smile


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