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July 16th, 2005 at 12:15 pm

My SO has a massive collection of diecast model cars. He LOVES them. That statement probably puts it mildly. One of the bedrooms in our 2 bedroom apartment is "The Car Room." He has over 100, close to 200 (maybe more? I don't know) cars displayed on shelving. He has old car posters and signs around the room as well, it's quite a sight to see. He loves going in there and fooling around with them, dusting them, rearranging them, etc. I used to get a little mad because awhile back I couldn't trust him to go out somewhere without coming back with at least one car (they can be pricey!) He has stopped that completely, for the time being anyway. Anyway I used to joke that it's too bad he likes his cars so much, because some of the cars he has are $300+ a pop. He has a set in particular, 12 Monte Carlos, all different colors, all collectibles, that he keeps in cases. They are very expensive.

He announced to me last night that he was putting the set up on eBay to make some money. I feel very unsettled by this because they are really nice cars, I know he loves them and will probably regret it. I didn't make him do this or ask him to. We don't even need to. Yes, the extra $$ would be nice, good to put away, but not if it's something he'll regret. I feel so unsettled about it. His problem is, he gets himself all excited at the prospect of making money, and doesn't think about the end result. We'll see what happens...

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