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Spending for this week

July 17th, 2005 at 09:02 pm

Yesterday we went to ShopRite to take advantage of the Can Can sale. Before doing so, I checked out the circular online (something I never would have done until now) to see what kind of deals they had going on. They did have some good items on sale, but we only had a little bit of money to play with (I am stuffing as much into savings as possible). Luckily, I believe almost all the items we bought were on sale. The 'winner' of that group is buying 4 twelve packs (fridgepacks) of Coke for $8 - the price is usually $14. So not only did we save $6, but there was an online rebate form for an additional $5 back plus a free 2 liter of new Coca Cola Zero. I just finished filling it out Smile

Unfortunately, we still spent $58.74. Even though we needed food to eat (we were really down to the bare minimum), and we managed to get stuff that will hold us over, it still doesn't feel like we got a lot for that. Oh well...

Weekly Spending: $169.16

Not such a good week in spending. I have no excuses, because it's partly my fault. I got Wendy's one day (don't tell the diet journal) and we ordered Domino's the one night. What really put us over is yesterday's trip to ShopRite... I can take $5 off the total due to the Coke rebate Smile But we were under the past 2 weeks, and we needed food to eat. If we can stay under the $400 per month, I would be thrilled. But if we come in right around there, I'll be happy as well.

Another plus of us doing our grocery shopping at ShopRite is they reward you with OnePass miles for each amount of money that you spend. The OnePass is the miles program from Continental Airlines, which is what I have through work. So I signed my card up for that as well. I am not sure if it will definitely benefit me, but I know they let one of my co-workers use his miles to go on vacation.

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