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Added additional account in ING

July 18th, 2005 at 08:28 pm

ING lets you add additional accounts within your main account, or more accurately, the same customer number. I decided to add an account for any money that I 'find' or earn. This includes the $5.46 Staples refunded us for the difference in price, the $33 fee I got back from Commerce, etc. I added up what money I have 'earned' so far this month, and here's what I came up with:

Amount & Description

$5.46 ~ Staples refund
$33.00 ~ Refunded overdraft fee from Commerce
$5.00 ~ Coca Cola refund
$3.49 ~ Noxzema refund
$4.00 ~ OldCellPhones.com - sent in old Nextel phones
$5.00 ~ ING Referral
$45.99 ~ Reimbursement for wrist brace & dr. visit from insurance co.
$101.94 total

Anyway, my idea is to put all the money I get in this way into this account, so that I can track what I save. I only opened it with the $5.46, since that is the only money I can put in right now. I haven't received anything except the ING referral and haven't even received the credit from Staples yet (it's supposed to be credited within a few days, I am watching like a hawk). I did receive the $33, but I of course don't want to withdraw that yet and incur another fee Smile That would be counterproductive. I am also going to start tracking all the samples I receive. I should have tons coming within a few weeks Smile

I track all of my information on different Excel spreadsheets within one file. My budget, Nick's, Weekly Spending, the payment schedule for the Grand Am (for when Barry pays me), etc. Excel is a really helpful tool to use for budget purposes. When I stayed at my parents' house (before we moved into this apartment), I set up a spreadsheet and called it 'Fake Quicken.' I needed a tool to track what I spent and they did not have Quicken on their computer (mine was in storage). It worked just as well ~ without the convenience of comparison reports and graphs, of course. Wink

2 Responses to “Added additional account in ING”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great start to your fund. Do you have goal for the money in this fund? What to use it for? Having a purpose always makes saving easier for me.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    It's most likely going to go towards my house fund (which is what I consider my entire Emigrant Direct account). I know Emigrant earns a slightly higher return, but I like ING because it's easy to organize and they are very up to speed on everything. I thought I'd put the money I earn in this account and then transfer to Emigrant every once in awhile (maybe only yearly, so I can definitely see the whole amount).

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