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blah....bad day.

July 19th, 2005 at 06:49 pm

I have said it before, and unfortunately I'll say it again. Today is one of 'those' days. We, or rather my SO, received notification that payment of rent is due as of August 1st, for the apartment we are currently residing in. We have lived rent and utility free due to the agreement in his superintendent's lease. They feel that since he cannot work, we need to pay rent. It's really just more a measure to evict him, very apparent. I am really not sure what will happen, so I am trying to remain as calm as possible. He has spoken to his lawyer regarding the situation, and they have not gone about things in the right way (the apartment is considered to be included as part of his compensation, yet they did not include this on the disability paperwork, they claimed they are charging since July 1st yet the letter was received today, 18 days in, etc.). The worst part? I can afford to pay them the rent they want, but the apartment won't be in my name, nor will they let me rent an apartment here (it's just known). So even if I paid the rent and we were even in the situation where we said to them, "Hey, regardless of what will happen, let us rent the apartment," it's not happening. SO plans on fighting this, especially since this is the 2nd job that this injury has ended up affecting. While they (his job) are upholding the front that he still is employed, you and I both know that is what it is: a front. As soon as he returns to work he'll be discharged. As NJ is an at-will state, employers can fire you for nearly any reason, whether right or not. It's unfortunate but true. So again, just needed to vent and get my frustration out there...

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