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Making progress..

June 27th, 2005 at 08:39 pm


Doing well so far - recently paid $450 off my Dell bill (only about $400 more to go and then it's paid off!) Beyond that I have 2 credit cards - Discover and Best Buy. Then I am DONE! This is a great feeling considering I once had 14, yes, 14 credit cards. I paid off 7 of those debts since February of this year (used my income tax return to help get a jump start). My overall goals are to pay off all my debt, then sock money away in my ING savings account, as well as increase my contribution to my 401k. Reading others' experiences helps me to keep going and also has offered some great advice. I recently visited LowerMyBills.com and switched cell phone plans AND refinanced my car loan to a lower interest rate and term - payment is a little higher but I can manage - and in the end I am saving money. I am now trying to limit myself and my boyfriend to $15 a day - much easier for me, but less for him. He is a coffee fiend and loves visiting the convenience store around the corner. Once I started tracking our spending and showed him how much money was wasted there, he agreed that we needed to stop = he even stopped smoking to help save money (and his health). I have started a Christmas Club account so that when it comes that time, the money will be there to shop (and I'm even earning interest on it). I can't wait to cut up that last credit card...

Looking for tips and motivation

June 22nd, 2005 at 05:59 pm

I love the journals I have found on this site. I have my own journal, and have been tracking my progress so far in eliminating debt (and increasing my savings), but I have hit a plateau. I am almost there, I have gone from 13 debts to only 3 but now I feel like I am losing the motivation. Reading some of these journals, it seems so easy for some people? I have had the most frustration with trying to lower the money wasted on everyday stuff.