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good luck/bad luck

November 5th, 2005 at 05:18 pm

Wow I haven't been on here in quite a while. I have just been so busy... much has been going on. I realized the last time I posted, I was still living in 'hell' - we moved almost a month ago and are much happier. Nick isn't working yet, I asked him to take a breather and rest his knee, figure out what he wants to do long-term. I am now paying rent, so it's not as easy to just throw all this money at bills and savings. I was getting a little worried about meeting my year end goal of eliminating all my cc debt (Discover is the last one), because there is only so much time and ability to do so. Well, yesterday helped to solve that problem:

I was in Atlantic City (NJ) on Thursday & Friday for work, they were having a meeting at the Borgata. So Nick came along to keep me company, although we didn't have money to gamble with. I had to work a 1/2 day Thursday and then we drove down. So Friday he unfortunately had to be out of the room by 11 (apparently they don't do late checkouts there, not w.o charging anyway) and my meeting ran until 4. I tried getting in touch w.him for lunch, because my coworker had invited her husband to eat w.us. After awhile, got a phone call, he is playing on a Wheel of Fortune machine and is up to $900 something dollars... off of $20 he took out of the atm. He promised he wouldn't go below $700 and to call him on my next break. I did, and he came and met me upstairs. He handed me a voucher for $156 and change... I was thinking, you better not have lost all that money, even though technically $156 was up from $20... so he grins at me and pulls open his wallet... there is all this cash. He says, I won $3,000. The $156 was 'leftover play money' from another game. I couldn't believe it, I was so happy. I was like, I can pay off my Discover, right, right right? happy happy joy joy. thank god my meeting was almost over because now it was really hard to pay attention. So when the meeting breaks around 3:30 I call him again.. and he says he can't meet me, to come meet him.. is again on a lucky poker machine... so about 1/2 hour later we walk away with another $503. So we are reeling and can't stop smiling and I still can't believe it... I ask him over and over, you HAD to spend more than $20... and he says nope.. shows me the ATM receipt. So we leave, get home... fast forward. Unfortunately this part of the story isn't good.

I guess God has issues with me being too happy or something? Because my car felt his wrath. There are tons of deer around where we live now, really nice farmlandish area. And one chose to run in front of my car last week... missed it. Yesterday? caught the corner of it when Nick went out for cigarettes... he was gone for a long time and I called him... he said we had to talk when he got home.. and when he came home he was crying... told me what happened. I hugged him because I know it's not his fault, knew he felt really bad.. stupid deer are all over the place... but then I walked outside and I just cried. And I know it could be a lot worse, it actually isn't that bad considering, like I said he just caught the corner.. but it's still my car Frown Only plus is if we find the right mechanic to work with us, we might be able to get a different bumper, etc. Aftermarket is often cheaper than the stock, true Ford parts (my hood for example is cheaper than a regular hood like I had originally). So he called his insurance and got the claim started... we'll see what happens. But I am still very happy I will be meeting my cc goal Smile

time is flying

October 8th, 2005 at 11:21 am

Each week goes by pretty quickly. I guess because my schedule is pretty tight? I've had a stressful week though, not related to work, but again with Nick and his knee. It blew out again and he's having trouble with work. Despite the fact he shouldn't be working, he is, and they are being as difficult as they can be. His lawyer is re-opening his worker's comp case from when this all happened originally, but that takes a month at least, and now his job is saying that they can't pay him if he isn't 100% and doing all required duties (even though he was, just with the help of his maintenaince technicians, which is what they are there for, he is a supervisor). So I think they probably plan to fire him in the long run Frown He/we just can't win. I am not allowing him to get another job like this, he can't do it. His knee can't handle it.

Want to hear something funny? The day after I called Netflix and complained about not receiving the $10 Target gc, and after he told me that's only if I joined, which I didn't believe, I received it in the mail. LOL - if I knew I'd get in touch with the same rep, I'd love to call and see why I somehow got it? Hehe. I am glad it's the weekend - it's been kinda blah outside and I just want to lay around this weekend. I am going to watch the free movies I am getting from my Blockbuster trial Smile

Carnival of Debt Reduction

October 3rd, 2005 at 05:21 pm

Another Monday, done and gone. Luckily they always go fast. My good mood continued on into today, but I am pretty sure it'll be gone by tomorrow, hehe.

Yesterday I wrote my letter to ChexSystems/WaMu Bank about the item on my report. I am not holding out too much hope, but still keeping my fingers crossed that they'll give me the time of day and honor my request. Also drafted a letter to some insurance company, based online, that Nick had purchased for literally a day back in February. He decided to cancel within 2 days, they said ok, cancellation is processed, you won't be charged. No worries since it wasn't... until 9/30! What a scam. Complained and was told we need to write a letter stating he never had this insurance, etc. used it. Did that and copied the BBB. I don't play. What is it with all these companies thinking they have a right to my money? Ugh!

Not much else going on. If you have a PF blog and want to participate, I'm hosting something called the Carnival of Debt Reduction on my blog (http://ksfinancialprogressreport.blogspot.com) next Monday. What it is, different bloggers submit their posts on debt reduction and one blogger hosts per week. Lucky me Smile Anyone interested in submitting, please email me at kar3881 at yahoo.com. If you're interested in what the Carnival is like, check out the current one up at Free Money Finance: http://www.freemoneyfinance.com/2005/10/carnival_of_deb.html

ahhh, it's the weekend!

October 1st, 2005 at 09:00 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed my day today - I SO needed it. It was a really rough week, not tough work-wise by any means, but just the whole getting up and DOING it at all. I was just exhausted. Days were stretching longer than they ever have, and I was so on edge. Last night I could have done a happy dance, I was so happy when I got home, just to relax. Smile

I woke up this morning, fairly early for me on a weekend, at 10:30 (Nick unfortunately had to do a little work, so he was already up). I checked my email, since I hadn't had time yesterday, cleaned the house, read my free issues of Budget Living and Sept & Oct's Kiplinger's PF mag, and watched one of the movies I have from Blockbuster's free trial. I played with my cats, who I believe miss me since they are all over me, and just could smile from ear to ear. All financial tasks and planning has been completed for the week/weekend, and I can just RELAX. The only 'stress' I had today was that I finally decided to call up Netflix (I had a free trial with them back in August) and ask where my promotional $10 gc from Target was. Apparently the terms somehow changed from my recollection (a big reason why I even signed up for the trial at all) and you had to become a paying member to get the gc. I told the rep that I thought as much, thanked him, and hung up. The gc would've been nice but I wasn't going to fight over it. I also have no intentions of being a Netflix customer anyway, and wouldn't now if I had. I just don't trust companies when I think they are being shady.

The only thing I haven't accomplished yet is to write my response to ChexSystems - the thought of doing so exhausts me, I know I need to do it, but wish I didn't have to deal with it at all. Frown

I need advice

September 25th, 2005 at 04:00 pm

I received a response from ChexSystems. They aren't going to be as easy as my credit report (in a sense I am glad it's off my credit report instead, if I have to choose). They stated that the item IS shown as paid on their record, but the institution that reported it is under no obligation to remove a legit report. So, what do I do now? I was going to write another letter to ChexSystems again (I have to anyway, they also said they couldn't include my correspondence in my file because it was over 100 words and also named the institution... ugh give me a break!) but I don't think I can ask them to reinvestigate the report, because it's not false (I don't think the process was conducted the right way, but I was also a little more naive in the finance department a year ago than where I am today). So what is my next step? Does anyone have any clues? If so, please let me know because this is not right. I feel like the guy in jail that maintains he is innocent with everyone rolling their eyes, thinking "Sure you are." I am wondering if I can write a letter to my old bank, asking them nicely if they would consider removing it - I was with the same bank from 15 years old - 23 (although a few merges occurred before settling on WaMu). I am just thinking if I nicely explain my situation, maybe that person reading it will be in the giving mood and help me out? I did pay the debt afterall. I don't even know if I CAN contact the bank about it. Please help!

Nick has some kind of lucky streak going on... he won $400 on a scratch-off. We might take some of that and take the Jeep to the mechanic (someone wants it for $1500, but it is wishy-washy and doesn't start sometimes. Nick thinks it's something with the electrical system, or whatever. The guy that wants it is someone Nick knows). I scheduled some payments for next week, and my savings account will be happy: $600 in all is being deposited. I was going to send $375 of that to Discover, but I trimmed it down to $150 instead so I can build up my EF to $1k (this will do it, plus $100). Then the rest of the money will again be directed towards debt.

Today I was thinking about all the money I earn/save now in various ways: just this past week we got $25 & $50 from the ShareBuilder promotions, $10 from Pinecone Research (we were holding on to the first check since I knew another was on the way), a total of $4 from SurveyDirect, and I am being sent free items that I would normally use to try out from BzzAgent (I don't think I ever mentioned that I joined this - I am waiting on my items, but it seems to be an excellent group) as well as cat food from another group I signed up with, and I'll just have to give them my opinions later on. Between the small cash incentives and sample items (sometimes full size!) I have really been saving A LOT. I just completed a survey today in which I'll receive a $10 Amex gift card. And I signed up for a trial month with Blockbuster so I'll get some free movie watching in. So adding this on to my budgeted plan for debt repayment really makes a difference, because it helps my wallet out in a different way.


September 20th, 2005 at 04:47 pm

I scheduled my Sears payment for today, so it's back to $0 (from when I used it to buy clothes for work 2 weeks ago). I have certain payments scheduled in Quicken, quite a few, that we haven't even received the bill for yet, so since I am getting paid on Thursday I knew it was no biggie.

I mentioned previously that I found a link of top survey/market research sites. I have seen these links before and they are usually not too helpful, but this one actually was: http://www.freepaidsurveys.net/usaDir.php. I sorted by user rating and signed up for the ones I hadn't already (also, I only signed up for the sites that had 'C' in the Rewards column - I am not interested in being entered into probably non-existent sweepstakes!). Of course, Pinecone was #1. As with all the other things I have done to 'see what happens', I signed up not expecting anything. I actually received FIVE offers to participate in surveys today, all ranging from $3-$5 per survey. Unfortunately, almost all were filled by time I got to them (hey, I work! lol I can't sit online waiting for the surveys). Oh well - it gave me some hope though. Brand Institute was one of the firms that contacted me (multiple times actually). The research firm I mentioned previously was also listed on this page. I am thinking Nick didn't qualify because we haven't heard anything Frown Oh well, worth a shot, right? I am guessing there will be more chances in the future, it actually says on the website above that most of the studies DoNowResearch does are based in NY/NJ area.

what a weekend

September 18th, 2005 at 07:35 pm

Sorry to be a little off-topic, finances wise...but...

Did you ever hear the song (which I believe is relatively new) by Sum 41, called 'Untitled'? It's a really good song, and probably fits exactly how my sister feels right now. She is having alot of problems with her husband, she recently enrolled in a nursing program, great opportunity, and he is a jerk, always has been, doesn't want her to better herself. His male ego can't handle it. I received a call from her last night, she had gone to my parents' house for the night. They even had to pick her up - her wonderful husband apparently told her to clean out her minivan because he sold it, and proceeded to take her keys and leave. (A little background on this is when they went to buy the van, she couldn't find her license - therefore the van was put in his name. In a later fight he told her he did this on purpose so if she left him she wouldn't have a vehicle. Nice, right?) This is a perfect example of how he is trying to stop her from bettering herself - this behavior starts whenever she does try. Selling her car? Perfect way to stop her from going to school, since she can't get there! Apparently he really did not sell it, but still an idiotic gesture (not that I expect more of him).

She stayed at my parents' house last night to cool down, and will be contacting a lawyer to see what her options are (she wants a divorce obviously). This guy is as smart as a fox - everything that is paid is in his name, any debt is in hers. I can't even talk to my sister, because Mr. Paranoid tapes conversations... monitors her email... the list goes on. She told me last night she gave my father money, and he is going to set up an account for her. She went back home today, because her kids were understandably upset that she was gone, and said she will try to remain civil for the time being, until she knows what she can do. She has quite a rough road ahead of her: finding a job, securing daycare, getting a vehicle if idiot plays games with the van again, which he will, finding somewhere to live, all while dealing with the hell we know he'll put her through. I know my parents will help her as much as possible, but they live on a fixed income now since my father retired. I told her I set up an account for her as well, and I think at least half, if not more, of my second income will be going to her. It's so worth it though, if she will be happy. I really hope anyone out there with doubts about their relationship will see this post and think twice about kids and marriage with that person. Love isn't enough sometimes, and even that wears away when you have to deal with things like this.


The rest of the weekend was okay, just went by so fast. Sorry to say with everything going on, we missed the carnival from work. Nick's knee also was bothering him, so he wasn't exactly in the mood to go anywhere, let alone walk around. I felt the same. We went shopping to that clothing store, Dots, yesterday and I got 5 shirts and a pair of pants for $81! What a difference, and they are really nice clothes. We also stopped by the AJ Wright next door, and Nick got a pair of jeans (which just happen to be Guess, and really nice) for $20, as well as sneakers, which he needed since he currently had none. Those were $35. Afterwards we stopped by Wendy's (my request, since we hadn't had it in quite awhile) and I got the chicken strips salad, so yes I stayed healthy (by Wendy's standards anyhow!) I also worked out last night. Not going to work out tonight since I am really sore, but I am encouraged because it looks like I dropped another pound. I just scheduled payment for the Sears card to be paid in full on Thursday (that I had used to buy work clothes last week), and transferred $7 to my Money Earned account in ING ($5 from Pinecone Research and $2 from SurveyDirect). So far I have about $130 in there. I haven't transferred all the money though, I still 'owe' my account. I keep a spreadsheet to track what I earn and if I deposited it into savings yet.

I think I mentioned previously that I am loosening up as far as the weekly spending - we try not to spend money as it is, and as much as I analyze it, it's not going to prevent necessary spending. If we were going out and buying big-screen TV's every week, okay then, I'd have a reason to cut back and criticize, but I think we're doing okay, on the right track. We're still good on the groceries we bought 2 weeks ago, although we're going to have to get a few items soon. Anyway, time for me to get off my butt and do some cleaning, and make my lunch/dinner for tomorrow. Already Monday again (groan).

who would've thought...

September 15th, 2005 at 07:35 pm

...that cigarettes might bring in money? Remember I said that Nick quit awhile back? He did - and did well. Then he stupidly picked up one (not in my presence, lol) and it started all over again. I wasn't happy and he said he still really wanted to quit. He's been slowing down on how many he smokes per day, so it's better. Anyway, today I received a notice for a research study - two, actually - one being for smokers in NJ and the other for young women. I'd do the second study, but it's in Manhattan (hour plus away from me now, my mom and friends are close, so I sent it to them) and it would be at night, causing me to miss the 2nd job - the pay is $200 and I figure I'd still make money on it, but it's probably not worth the gas, mileage, request for time off, etc. Hopefully Nick will qualify for the smoker study. If you are from NJ and interested, leave me a comment and I'll forward it on. The rest of you might be interested in signing up with the company as well - it operates across the US.


We were pleasantly surprised to receive another check from Nick's disability - we had thought he was short a check, and he was - they sent it to the old address, so we have $400 more than expected in the bank. And yes, Best Buy is finito. :O) Nick also got some moisturizing lotion from L'Oreal for Men in the mail - he's probably not as thrilled as I am when I get samples though, hehe.

I felt more comfortable today at work - getting used to everything again. Oh, and everything worked, what a surprise! I actually was able to do something today. I had a good conversation with one of the temps at my job (hopefully she'll be going permanent if everything works out, and I really like her) and we seem so alike. She will be 25 next week and described to me her plan to eliminate debt, save up money, and get her act together financially. All I really could do is agree with everything she said - she literally was approaching everything just as I am - and her life seems to parallel mine in many ways. Weird, huh? I also noticed our web services guy (also 25) had "The Millionaire Next Door" on his desk. Besides the blogs I have seen, this is definitely proof to me that people my age are very interested in their finances. Always a good thing.

I am really glad tomorrow is Friday, I am craving the sleep. I went to bed earlier last night, but still felt really tired this morning. I am tired right now too, but since I am done with the work I had and just relaxing, shoes kicked off, blogging, with my Yahoo! Launch radio playing, I can't complain. Only a half hour (and another day) to get through before the weekend!

*I got home and Nick told me he won $75 on a scratch off. And someone wants to buy the Jeep truck we have for $1500. Not a bad day! Oh, and I got a sample from Mary Kay Smile

reality is tough

September 13th, 2005 at 07:13 pm

I'm at my second job right now, and I have about 45 minutes to kill, so I thought, why not blog? Smile Tonight there was more stuff to do, but still a light night. As easy as this job is, it can get pretty busy. Good news is, the company is having a picnic this Sunday, and it's basically the equivalent of a town fair/mini carnival. My supervisor generously gave me 2 tickets to go, because it's free - EVERYTHING is free. They all are excited about it here. Unlimited food, drinks, ice cream (they said it's every kid's dream - a Haagan Daz ice cream truck is there and you can get whatever you want - as much as you want - FREE). There's rock climbing, paintball, face painting, family portrait pictures, I could go on and on. Lots of stuff, and of course I am drawn because it's not costing me anything. Can't beat free entertainment!

Today started out rough - guess I was really tired, because I slept right through my alarm, and I never sleep through that. So Nick wakes me up at 7:30 (luckily he did wake up at all, or I'd STILL be sleeping) and tells me what time it is, which is coincidentally the exact time I should be at work. Ugh. I really hate being late - and it's my second day back. Waking up and rushing always sours my day. I managed to get there at 8:05, and it was okay ~ but can't let that happen again. It was another slow day, because I don't have tons to do, most of my contacts don't know I am back, and also have been contacting my coworker Sarah in my absence. It's going to take some time. Most of my day was spent trying to find my Outlook subfolders - with the computer switch they're all gone. I had really important info in there for all of my committees, accounts, etc., etc. They are full of 2 years of work, neatly organized so everything is easy to find. I was upset, but then I realized I saved these off the server, so we found them on my old computer - but they are password protected, and for some reason, none of the passwords I know I'd use are working. So - the IT guy is going to try to hack into it. LOL. Ugh. I just feel lost without that information. Plus I have tons of articles I had in a subfolder for inclusion in the newsletter I publish, so all these were 'lost' and so are the contacts I made! Grrr. I still didn't get much done today and I really need to step it up a bit - I didn't get to work until 10 (catching up with boss who wasn't in yesterday), lunch from 12-12:45, then I leave at 4. Time always flew at that place and nothing has changed.

Ooh, I almost forgot. I got an invite to the exclusive Pinecone Research, and did my first survey today! Woohoo Smile It said to expect a welcome packet and my first compensation voucher soon! I have heard only good things about them, and the fact that you can't join without an invite says it's for real. Other than that, my day has been uneventful. I am definitely looking forward to going home and relaxing.

the hours of freedom are winding down

September 11th, 2005 at 03:35 pm

I hope I sleep tonight. I meant to wake up earlier today, and overslept. Nick and I went to Sears today, and I got some pants, shoes, and a top for work. I figured I didn't buy any clothes for work for the summer (cuz I was home) so my work wardrobe needed something. The clothes are nice, needed, but boy are they expensive. Funny I have that opinion since I used to frequent the mall, but in my opinion, most of the stuff there was ugly and nothing special - a button up shirt was $40. I just couldn't justify it. The other items I bought were all on sale, including the shoes (which I really like), but I still spent $90 for 2 pairs of pants, a top, and shoes. HELLO. I only went to Sears because I have specific amounts budgeted for everything, and the money left in the bank is gas money - so I used my cc, and will pay it off when I get my paycheck from the 2nd job next week. I still need to do some more shopping, but it will be at this little store I like, called Dots. They tend to have some nice, cheap stuff.

We also stopped by ShopRite and used the $5 rebate check to pick up apples, bananas, some chocolate stuff for Nick and grapes. Also picked up the free 2 liter of Coca Cola Zero. Total came to $12.04, we paid $6.04. Wish I always had rebate checks. Also got gas on the way home. I noticed prices have dropped somewhat, at some stations (others seem to keep the higher prices, seeing if you're a dummy to pay it) because we paid $3.39. I wish it would drop down to the $2.59 I remember. Isn't that horrible? Ugh.

I have to clean, generally get ready for tomorrow (got my outfit all picked out, feels like back to school lol), and there is a special on tonight about 9/11, the families of Flight 93 that we want to watch. I can't believe it's been 4years. Frown God Bless.