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August 30th, 2005 at 08:46 pm

I mentioned previously that I needed to sit down and write a letter of dispute to ChexSystems, about the same account that had plagued me on my credit report. Today I got the fire lit under me, because my account was denied for the VirtualBank application I had completed, because of this fact. I am angry that it had an effect on this, but also cannot comprehend why a savings account would deem this information important, as it doesn't operate in the ways that a checking account would. Anyhow ~ the letter is off and sent. I am hoping it will be resolved quickly so I can contact VB and have them reassess my application. We'll see. If you have a similar situation, here is the link on how to contact ChexSystems and file a dispute:


Other than that, had a pretty good day. Cleaned, cooked (which is a milestone, I never cook, SO does that) and generally got myself situated/organized with everything. Just waiting for Thursday, payday, so I can send some more money off to the CC companies :O)

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