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getting closer..

September 9th, 2005 at 06:13 pm

Only 2 days until I go back to work. I think it'll be easy, at least at first, because I have to ease back into it, but I am definitely nervous. More nervous to see how tired I am going to feel, because I am going back to the second job as well. Sooo my day will begin when I wake up around 6, and won't end until 9 p.m. (really 9:30ish, by time I get home). Since I no longer live around the corner from my job (Frown) I'll have to make lunch (and dinner, for the other job) when I get home. Did I mention I want to lose weight too? So yeah, any exercise I want to do has to be done when I get home. Trust me - better chance it will happen at night then when I wake up in the morning!

Today I received my $5 rebate check from Coca Cola - awhile back, ShopRite had fridge packs on sale, 4 for $8. This was a savings of $6, then I sent in for the rebate, so that's another $5, plus a coupon for a free 2 liter of Coca Cola Zero. Oh, and did I mention that I also got credit from Upromise - for the full priced amount?! Wink So the whole thing cost me less than $3. Woohoo, I love me some rebates.

I contacted my financial advisor for my Simple IRA the other day (by email). I requested that he raise my employee contribution to 7%. I currently am only at 3% (the same amount my employer matches). Since I am close to paying off debt, I figured now's a good time to raise it... put it at 10% total. I still haven't heard back though and I'm wondering what the deal is.

OH. Grrrr (time to vent). A week and a half ago, Nick went to the bank and made a cash deposit of $30. Sometimes our bank (Commerce) takes a day or so to show deposits or whatever. I didnt see it, so I gave it an extra day. Nothing. So he stopped by the bank, they said it was their mistake, they'd correct the problem. Fine. Still nothing a few days later. So I email customer service, they look into it, say that the local branch is looking into it, and I'll hear back from them within 3-5 business days on what the outcome is. Still nothing. I am really pissed. Furthermore, I don't know what rights I have, what can I do, if they come back and don't put MY $30 in my account. Thank God it's not more is what I am thinking, that point being both a pro and con at the same time. I mean, what IF it was more - but yet, why did this happen? I mean, $30 would buy me some gas, $30 could be used for alot, it's not chump change. Grrrr I plan on going to the branch tomorrow to fight with them if I have to - and if they don't credit my account, I am going to threaten to write the BBB. I don't know what else I can do. It sucks.

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