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reality is tough

September 13th, 2005 at 07:13 pm

I'm at my second job right now, and I have about 45 minutes to kill, so I thought, why not blog? Smile Tonight there was more stuff to do, but still a light night. As easy as this job is, it can get pretty busy. Good news is, the company is having a picnic this Sunday, and it's basically the equivalent of a town fair/mini carnival. My supervisor generously gave me 2 tickets to go, because it's free - EVERYTHING is free. They all are excited about it here. Unlimited food, drinks, ice cream (they said it's every kid's dream - a Haagan Daz ice cream truck is there and you can get whatever you want - as much as you want - FREE). There's rock climbing, paintball, face painting, family portrait pictures, I could go on and on. Lots of stuff, and of course I am drawn because it's not costing me anything. Can't beat free entertainment!

Today started out rough - guess I was really tired, because I slept right through my alarm, and I never sleep through that. So Nick wakes me up at 7:30 (luckily he did wake up at all, or I'd STILL be sleeping) and tells me what time it is, which is coincidentally the exact time I should be at work. Ugh. I really hate being late - and it's my second day back. Waking up and rushing always sours my day. I managed to get there at 8:05, and it was okay ~ but can't let that happen again. It was another slow day, because I don't have tons to do, most of my contacts don't know I am back, and also have been contacting my coworker Sarah in my absence. It's going to take some time. Most of my day was spent trying to find my Outlook subfolders - with the computer switch they're all gone. I had really important info in there for all of my committees, accounts, etc., etc. They are full of 2 years of work, neatly organized so everything is easy to find. I was upset, but then I realized I saved these off the server, so we found them on my old computer - but they are password protected, and for some reason, none of the passwords I know I'd use are working. So - the IT guy is going to try to hack into it. LOL. Ugh. I just feel lost without that information. Plus I have tons of articles I had in a subfolder for inclusion in the newsletter I publish, so all these were 'lost' and so are the contacts I made! Grrr. I still didn't get much done today and I really need to step it up a bit - I didn't get to work until 10 (catching up with boss who wasn't in yesterday), lunch from 12-12:45, then I leave at 4. Time always flew at that place and nothing has changed.

Ooh, I almost forgot. I got an invite to the exclusive Pinecone Research, and did my first survey today! Woohoo Smile It said to expect a welcome packet and my first compensation voucher soon! I have heard only good things about them, and the fact that you can't join without an invite says it's for real. Other than that, my day has been uneventful. I am definitely looking forward to going home and relaxing.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Pinecone is definitely for real. My sister and I both have been doing surveys for them for years.

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