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who would've thought...

September 15th, 2005 at 07:35 pm

...that cigarettes might bring in money? Remember I said that Nick quit awhile back? He did - and did well. Then he stupidly picked up one (not in my presence, lol) and it started all over again. I wasn't happy and he said he still really wanted to quit. He's been slowing down on how many he smokes per day, so it's better. Anyway, today I received a notice for a research study - two, actually - one being for smokers in NJ and the other for young women. I'd do the second study, but it's in Manhattan (hour plus away from me now, my mom and friends are close, so I sent it to them) and it would be at night, causing me to miss the 2nd job - the pay is $200 and I figure I'd still make money on it, but it's probably not worth the gas, mileage, request for time off, etc. Hopefully Nick will qualify for the smoker study. If you are from NJ and interested, leave me a comment and I'll forward it on. The rest of you might be interested in signing up with the company as well - it operates across the US.


We were pleasantly surprised to receive another check from Nick's disability - we had thought he was short a check, and he was - they sent it to the old address, so we have $400 more than expected in the bank. And yes, Best Buy is finito. :O) Nick also got some moisturizing lotion from L'Oreal for Men in the mail - he's probably not as thrilled as I am when I get samples though, hehe.

I felt more comfortable today at work - getting used to everything again. Oh, and everything worked, what a surprise! I actually was able to do something today. I had a good conversation with one of the temps at my job (hopefully she'll be going permanent if everything works out, and I really like her) and we seem so alike. She will be 25 next week and described to me her plan to eliminate debt, save up money, and get her act together financially. All I really could do is agree with everything she said - she literally was approaching everything just as I am - and her life seems to parallel mine in many ways. Weird, huh? I also noticed our web services guy (also 25) had "The Millionaire Next Door" on his desk. Besides the blogs I have seen, this is definitely proof to me that people my age are very interested in their finances. Always a good thing.

I am really glad tomorrow is Friday, I am craving the sleep. I went to bed earlier last night, but still felt really tired this morning. I am tired right now too, but since I am done with the work I had and just relaxing, shoes kicked off, blogging, with my Yahoo! Launch radio playing, I can't complain. Only a half hour (and another day) to get through before the weekend!

*I got home and Nick told me he won $75 on a scratch off. And someone wants to buy the Jeep truck we have for $1500. Not a bad day! Oh, and I got a sample from Mary Kay Smile

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