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ahhh, it's the weekend!

October 1st, 2005 at 09:00 pm

I thoroughly enjoyed my day today - I SO needed it. It was a really rough week, not tough work-wise by any means, but just the whole getting up and DOING it at all. I was just exhausted. Days were stretching longer than they ever have, and I was so on edge. Last night I could have done a happy dance, I was so happy when I got home, just to relax. Smile

I woke up this morning, fairly early for me on a weekend, at 10:30 (Nick unfortunately had to do a little work, so he was already up). I checked my email, since I hadn't had time yesterday, cleaned the house, read my free issues of Budget Living and Sept & Oct's Kiplinger's PF mag, and watched one of the movies I have from Blockbuster's free trial. I played with my cats, who I believe miss me since they are all over me, and just could smile from ear to ear. All financial tasks and planning has been completed for the week/weekend, and I can just RELAX. The only 'stress' I had today was that I finally decided to call up Netflix (I had a free trial with them back in August) and ask where my promotional $10 gc from Target was. Apparently the terms somehow changed from my recollection (a big reason why I even signed up for the trial at all) and you had to become a paying member to get the gc. I told the rep that I thought as much, thanked him, and hung up. The gc would've been nice but I wasn't going to fight over it. I also have no intentions of being a Netflix customer anyway, and wouldn't now if I had. I just don't trust companies when I think they are being shady.

The only thing I haven't accomplished yet is to write my response to ChexSystems - the thought of doing so exhausts me, I know I need to do it, but wish I didn't have to deal with it at all. Frown

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