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Carnival of Debt Reduction

October 3rd, 2005 at 05:21 pm

Another Monday, done and gone. Luckily they always go fast. My good mood continued on into today, but I am pretty sure it'll be gone by tomorrow, hehe.

Yesterday I wrote my letter to ChexSystems/WaMu Bank about the item on my report. I am not holding out too much hope, but still keeping my fingers crossed that they'll give me the time of day and honor my request. Also drafted a letter to some insurance company, based online, that Nick had purchased for literally a day back in February. He decided to cancel within 2 days, they said ok, cancellation is processed, you won't be charged. No worries since it wasn't... until 9/30! What a scam. Complained and was told we need to write a letter stating he never had this insurance, etc. used it. Did that and copied the BBB. I don't play. What is it with all these companies thinking they have a right to my money? Ugh!

Not much else going on. If you have a PF blog and want to participate, I'm hosting something called the Carnival of Debt Reduction on my blog (http://ksfinancialprogressreport.blogspot.com) next Monday. What it is, different bloggers submit their posts on debt reduction and one blogger hosts per week. Lucky me Smile Anyone interested in submitting, please email me at kar3881 at yahoo.com. If you're interested in what the Carnival is like, check out the current one up at Free Money Finance: http://www.freemoneyfinance.com/2005/10/carnival_of_deb.html

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