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good luck/bad luck

November 5th, 2005 at 05:18 pm

Wow I haven't been on here in quite a while. I have just been so busy... much has been going on. I realized the last time I posted, I was still living in 'hell' - we moved almost a month ago and are much happier. Nick isn't working yet, I asked him to take a breather and rest his knee, figure out what he wants to do long-term. I am now paying rent, so it's not as easy to just throw all this money at bills and savings. I was getting a little worried about meeting my year end goal of eliminating all my cc debt (Discover is the last one), because there is only so much time and ability to do so. Well, yesterday helped to solve that problem:

I was in Atlantic City (NJ) on Thursday & Friday for work, they were having a meeting at the Borgata. So Nick came along to keep me company, although we didn't have money to gamble with. I had to work a 1/2 day Thursday and then we drove down. So Friday he unfortunately had to be out of the room by 11 (apparently they don't do late checkouts there, not w.o charging anyway) and my meeting ran until 4. I tried getting in touch w.him for lunch, because my coworker had invited her husband to eat w.us. After awhile, got a phone call, he is playing on a Wheel of Fortune machine and is up to $900 something dollars... off of $20 he took out of the atm. He promised he wouldn't go below $700 and to call him on my next break. I did, and he came and met me upstairs. He handed me a voucher for $156 and change... I was thinking, you better not have lost all that money, even though technically $156 was up from $20... so he grins at me and pulls open his wallet... there is all this cash. He says, I won $3,000. The $156 was 'leftover play money' from another game. I couldn't believe it, I was so happy. I was like, I can pay off my Discover, right, right right? happy happy joy joy. thank god my meeting was almost over because now it was really hard to pay attention. So when the meeting breaks around 3:30 I call him again.. and he says he can't meet me, to come meet him.. is again on a lucky poker machine... so about 1/2 hour later we walk away with another $503. So we are reeling and can't stop smiling and I still can't believe it... I ask him over and over, you HAD to spend more than $20... and he says nope.. shows me the ATM receipt. So we leave, get home... fast forward. Unfortunately this part of the story isn't good.

I guess God has issues with me being too happy or something? Because my car felt his wrath. There are tons of deer around where we live now, really nice farmlandish area. And one chose to run in front of my car last week... missed it. Yesterday? caught the corner of it when Nick went out for cigarettes... he was gone for a long time and I called him... he said we had to talk when he got home.. and when he came home he was crying... told me what happened. I hugged him because I know it's not his fault, knew he felt really bad.. stupid deer are all over the place... but then I walked outside and I just cried. And I know it could be a lot worse, it actually isn't that bad considering, like I said he just caught the corner.. but it's still my car Frown Only plus is if we find the right mechanic to work with us, we might be able to get a different bumper, etc. Aftermarket is often cheaper than the stock, true Ford parts (my hood for example is cheaper than a regular hood like I had originally). So he called his insurance and got the claim started... we'll see what happens. But I am still very happy I will be meeting my cc goal Smile

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