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good news, I think?

July 22nd, 2005 at 04:06 pm

My SO had a job interview today in a neighboring town for another superintendent position. He got it - but has to provide a copy of his birth certificate and driver's license. He turned 25 this year, which is when you have to renew your license (in Jersey anyway) and you need 6 forms of ID to do so. To be honest, I have to imagine lots of legit people are driving w.expired licenses, because it's so hard to prove who you are! lol. He ordered his birth cert. but the state has taken it's time (didn't even cash the check yet, going to call on that) so he couldn't go for his license. Considering his surgery and that we stay home, it wasn't the top thing on our/his list. So the place he went to today, loved him, actually had him come back to meet the director of the place after he had come home, and they offered him the job Smile But he has to show these forms of ID to get the ball rolling, so we're going on Monday to the state building to get it all done. We should be able to move in shortly. He said it's smaller than where we are now, but it's 2 bedrooms, and free. The neighborhood isnt as nice as Princeton, so I am trying to tame my inner princess. After all - free. But we'll have to park on the street too, and I am not so happy about that - don't want my car messed with or stolen. Oh well.. I'll be able to tackle my bills again like I wanted, not to mention I have a nice stash of cash built up now. But I have learned not to count my chickens before they hatch, so I am still waiting until he gets all his ID to this place. Slightly bad news is disability sent him some extra paperwork to fill out, which apparently takes an additional 14 days to review... so grrr... to be honest some of that cash put away might not be there, might be going to bills to cover us till then.

Other good news? EmigrantDirect raised their rates to 3.50% Smile Yay!

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