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been a little off

July 29th, 2005 at 03:09 pm

What with getting ready to move and all, we have spent more this week than we have in a while. To be honest, I am scared to do my weekly spending review. However, I will just chalk it up to the fact that we needed to get boxes, packing materials, etc. as well as we don't want to go food shopping for the short time we'll be here..so Wendy's has seen me twice this week. Oh well. I did pay off 2 cards and do some really good credit cleaning earlier this week, so I'll still keep optimistic.

Went to see the new apartment today, it is much smaller than where we are currently, but I was pleased because my SO really made it sound like a s#%*hole. Isn't so. It's smaller, so we're going to be challenged with some of our furniture, but the area isn't too bad, even street parking doesn't seem it will be too much of an issue, it's off the beaten path. I still hate to park on the street, particularly parallel parking (I am great at it, but other people make me nervous, especially pulling out, I have seen so many people misjudge and think they have enough space to get out and SCRAPE against the car in front of them...)

Also went to the lawyer's office yesterday regarding my SO's case as well as mine due to my upcoming surgery. Apparently when all is said and done, my settlement ranges from 6-10k. I am very happy about that, and looking forward to it. I think that by time I get it, my 2 remaining cc bills will be gone, so I'll put that in my EF Fund - automatic savings, love it. We are also trying to get SO's brother to take out a loan so the Grand Am will be paid off, and he can just pay on the loan, it will be out of my hands, off my report, and not my problem. Keeping fingers crossed...

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