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returning to normal

August 24th, 2005 at 12:52 pm

Much has changed since my last post - SO and I moved to a new apartment (his new job), and I had my surgery for carpal tunnel on my right wrist. I am still healing but feel much better now. I honestly didn't expect it to kick me in the butt as much as it did, I am good with pain and it's an easy surgery. It just left me tired for a few days, as well as frustrated that there were many things I couldn't do by myself without help. I expected to be up and about but I laid around for about 2 weeks. Timing was not good - we had to move the weekend after my surgery, only 5 days after. I couldn't do much, thank God we had help, but still. It was a rough day. I didn't have internet service until yesterday (boy was I suffering from withdrawal! lol) so I had to climb through a thousand plus emails. Fun stuff. Anyhow ~

I haven't been tracking our spending as closely as before. I plan to start doing so again, I think I'll start next week since we're already into this week. We still have been attempting not to waste money, but expenses always pop up with moving, and I am definitely over budget. Moving truck, groceries for the new apartment, various odds and ends, oh and a new battery for SO's car. Life happens sometimes. We're also waiting for a full check from SO's job. He got paid yesterday, but it fell so that it was only for one week. Oh, and they paid him less than he is supposed to make an hour, about $2 less. So that is supposed to be adjusted. The money he did get paid is going to go towards his tooth - he has to go to the dentist, has a bad infection in his jaw from an impacted wisdom tooth. Not fun.

Some good news is that I paid off my Dell computer (not sure if I already reported that), and sent off $250 to Best Buy the other day, so only $533.53 is left on that debt. If all works out, I will have this paid off by latest October. I am basing that off of just my main job, but once I restart the 2nd job it should be much sooner. Smile I can't wait!

2 Responses to “returning to normal”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm really afraid that I am developing carpal tunnel in my right wrist as well. What were your symptoms? How long have you had it? How was the surgery? (questions, questions) I hope you'll be feeling 100% again soon.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I started out with sporadic tingling and numbness in my arm about a year ago - almost like when your arm falls asleep. It's a very annoying feeling (I unfortunately also have it in my left hand but they said it was too mild to do surgery at this time...grrr). I ordered some ergonomic (sp?) pieces for work, like the wrist rest, and also gloves that were supposed to help. They did at that time, and I would only have the tingling for a day or so and then it would go away. Unfortunately I only wore the gloves when it bothered me (they looked like 80's Michael Jackson gloves and I was teased at work, although lovingly, I hated those things! lol). In early June, my right arm started to hurt as well as tingle and be numb, on a constant basis. It was unbearable. I bought a brace and wore it but that didn't even help, and I have been out of work since June 8th due to this (worker's comp.) I had to get an EMG test, a nerve test where they basically shock you to see how your nerves react, to determine if it is indeed carpal tunnel. Between dr's appointments, etc. the surgery was on August 8th. It was a simple surgery, they make an incision on the palm of your hand, and while it wasn't all peaches and cream, it didn't hurt me too much. I just felt out of it for a few days after, and it was annoying to not be able to do simple things like open a soda bottle (I have since learned to do so with my left hand). You also can't lift much, so while I wanted the other hand to be done and over with, I am glad I didn't cuz I wouldn't have been able to do ANYTHING. If you think you have this, try buying a brace at your local pharmacy, it provides wrist support. Sometimes it's inevitable though. As my doctor said to me "Either find another job (line of work) or have surgery." Considering almost all jobs require computers, that obviously isn't possible to find another job. Thanks for your well wishes Smile Good news is that recovery time is not long (as you can see, I am typing with both hands right now and it's only a little over 2 weeks since surgery).

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