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Weekly Spending, 8/30-9/4

September 4th, 2005 at 12:41 pm

Wow, this was a great week in spending. I didn't even think we did this well. At the same time, I am not looking forward to upcoming weeks, as I will return to work. Since I no longer live right around the corner from work, not only am I going to have to drag my butt out of bed earlier, but I will also be spending more on gas. The 2nd job isn't far so it's definitely worth it, it can help me afford to go to work. ;O) Just kidding. Kind of. I can afford it technically, but do I want to spend it? No, of course not. Neither does anyone else, it's life I guess. Anyway, here is the breakdown (yes, it's very short):


$21.33 ~ Rite-Aid Pharmacy on 8/30 (prescription and misc. items)
$7.62 ~ CVS on 8/31 (misc. items)
$16.72 ~ Amazon.com on 9/2 (stamps for SO's job, will be reimbursed!)
$45.67 Total Weekly Spending

+105.61 Grocery Spending
$151.28 - All spending for the week

Now I'd say that's pretty good. The amount is low, and we managed to have a few no spend days thrown in there. This week SO's job gave him the gas card to fill up his tank, so no gas expenses were incurred. That will not be the story for other weeks unfortunately. I still am keeping the grocery and weekly spending separate, so I have $144.39 left to spend on groceries for the remainder of the month ($250 monthly grocery budget).

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