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going back to work!

September 7th, 2005 at 02:11 pm

Well, yesterday was my last doctor's appointment, and I will be returning to work on Monday. I am excited to be getting back to a routine, but nervous. Tomorrow marks 3 months that I have been out of work. I will also be returning to the 2nd job on Monday, so it's going to be quite a week of adjustment. Once I start getting weekly paychecks again, it will be nice. My debt repayment plan is sure going to speed up. Best Buy is being paid off on the 15th (that was actually planned without the second income, so there will be cash leftover), and then it's on to Discover. I converted it so that I get the full 5% back on gas purchases, and it's registered with Upromise, so 6% back in all. Once that has been eliminated, I think I am going to simultaneously work at increasing the amount of my EF and paying off the Grand Am. Nick's (my SO) brother is still trying to find a way to pay the car off so he can take it over, but until then, I will pay it down, reap the profit from his payment, and if we're still in the same position down the road, cancel the insurance and save $1100 a year (not that I am paying for it, but again, more profit in my pocket).

My blog, as well as this journal, has really helped me to focus on my goals, and it feels really good to be in the homestretch of this first goal. My financial goals will continue on, but this is the biggest step I needed to take. I really enjoy reading the other PF blogs and journals here that document their struggles, what keeps them motivated, and what their best advice is.

Today I received a $14.97 credit from Gem Avenue, a shop on Amazon.com where we had purchased a wallet for Nick. It was a cheap wallet in price, but looked nice. Well, one of the inside pockets where credit cards are kept started to rip 3 days after we received it, and Nick's wallet is not at all overloaded. We never did anything about it unfortunately, with moving and everything else going on, it just slipped our minds. Well, I received a survey from Amazon about a week or so ago, asking how the service was, etc. and to rate the seller. I explained my problem, and didn't expect anything in return honestly. I was contacted directly by the seller, and they said they wanted to make me happy with their service, so they refunded the full price! I am happy ~ we essentially got a free wallet!

Still waiting on ChexSystems about whether or not they will remove the negative item from my record - here's hoping. I would imagine if it's being removed from my credit report it would be the same for CS. Also, I believe I read somewhere that if the item has been paid, they are obligated to do so, but I may have some incorrect information, not sure. I am factoring charity donations into my budget from here on out, not only to the Red Cross for Hurricane Relief, but also for animal friendly charities. I use MyCheckFree.com to pay some of my bills online, and they have a search engine for any type of charity, any location. I plan on doing so when I get paid on the 15th. I had donated $25, and had used my Discover since I was short on cash (I use it all to pay the bills and put in savings! lol), but plan to continue giving.

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