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the hours of freedom are winding down

September 11th, 2005 at 03:35 pm

I hope I sleep tonight. I meant to wake up earlier today, and overslept. Nick and I went to Sears today, and I got some pants, shoes, and a top for work. I figured I didn't buy any clothes for work for the summer (cuz I was home) so my work wardrobe needed something. The clothes are nice, needed, but boy are they expensive. Funny I have that opinion since I used to frequent the mall, but in my opinion, most of the stuff there was ugly and nothing special - a button up shirt was $40. I just couldn't justify it. The other items I bought were all on sale, including the shoes (which I really like), but I still spent $90 for 2 pairs of pants, a top, and shoes. HELLO. I only went to Sears because I have specific amounts budgeted for everything, and the money left in the bank is gas money - so I used my cc, and will pay it off when I get my paycheck from the 2nd job next week. I still need to do some more shopping, but it will be at this little store I like, called Dots. They tend to have some nice, cheap stuff.

We also stopped by ShopRite and used the $5 rebate check to pick up apples, bananas, some chocolate stuff for Nick and grapes. Also picked up the free 2 liter of Coca Cola Zero. Total came to $12.04, we paid $6.04. Wish I always had rebate checks. Also got gas on the way home. I noticed prices have dropped somewhat, at some stations (others seem to keep the higher prices, seeing if you're a dummy to pay it) because we paid $3.39. I wish it would drop down to the $2.59 I remember. Isn't that horrible? Ugh.

I have to clean, generally get ready for tomorrow (got my outfit all picked out, feels like back to school lol), and there is a special on tonight about 9/11, the families of Flight 93 that we want to watch. I can't believe it's been 4years. Frown God Bless.

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