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September 20th, 2005 at 04:47 pm

I scheduled my Sears payment for today, so it's back to $0 (from when I used it to buy clothes for work 2 weeks ago). I have certain payments scheduled in Quicken, quite a few, that we haven't even received the bill for yet, so since I am getting paid on Thursday I knew it was no biggie.

I mentioned previously that I found a link of top survey/market research sites. I have seen these links before and they are usually not too helpful, but this one actually was: http://www.freepaidsurveys.net/usaDir.php. I sorted by user rating and signed up for the ones I hadn't already (also, I only signed up for the sites that had 'C' in the Rewards column - I am not interested in being entered into probably non-existent sweepstakes!). Of course, Pinecone was #1. As with all the other things I have done to 'see what happens', I signed up not expecting anything. I actually received FIVE offers to participate in surveys today, all ranging from $3-$5 per survey. Unfortunately, almost all were filled by time I got to them (hey, I work! lol I can't sit online waiting for the surveys). Oh well - it gave me some hope though. Brand Institute was one of the firms that contacted me (multiple times actually). The research firm I mentioned previously was also listed on this page. I am thinking Nick didn't qualify because we haven't heard anything Frown Oh well, worth a shot, right? I am guessing there will be more chances in the future, it actually says on the website above that most of the studies DoNowResearch does are based in NY/NJ area.

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