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I need advice

September 25th, 2005 at 04:00 pm

I received a response from ChexSystems. They aren't going to be as easy as my credit report (in a sense I am glad it's off my credit report instead, if I have to choose). They stated that the item IS shown as paid on their record, but the institution that reported it is under no obligation to remove a legit report. So, what do I do now? I was going to write another letter to ChexSystems again (I have to anyway, they also said they couldn't include my correspondence in my file because it was over 100 words and also named the institution... ugh give me a break!) but I don't think I can ask them to reinvestigate the report, because it's not false (I don't think the process was conducted the right way, but I was also a little more naive in the finance department a year ago than where I am today). So what is my next step? Does anyone have any clues? If so, please let me know because this is not right. I feel like the guy in jail that maintains he is innocent with everyone rolling their eyes, thinking "Sure you are." I am wondering if I can write a letter to my old bank, asking them nicely if they would consider removing it - I was with the same bank from 15 years old - 23 (although a few merges occurred before settling on WaMu). I am just thinking if I nicely explain my situation, maybe that person reading it will be in the giving mood and help me out? I did pay the debt afterall. I don't even know if I CAN contact the bank about it. Please help!

Nick has some kind of lucky streak going on... he won $400 on a scratch-off. We might take some of that and take the Jeep to the mechanic (someone wants it for $1500, but it is wishy-washy and doesn't start sometimes. Nick thinks it's something with the electrical system, or whatever. The guy that wants it is someone Nick knows). I scheduled some payments for next week, and my savings account will be happy: $600 in all is being deposited. I was going to send $375 of that to Discover, but I trimmed it down to $150 instead so I can build up my EF to $1k (this will do it, plus $100). Then the rest of the money will again be directed towards debt.

Today I was thinking about all the money I earn/save now in various ways: just this past week we got $25 & $50 from the ShareBuilder promotions, $10 from Pinecone Research (we were holding on to the first check since I knew another was on the way), a total of $4 from SurveyDirect, and I am being sent free items that I would normally use to try out from BzzAgent (I don't think I ever mentioned that I joined this - I am waiting on my items, but it seems to be an excellent group) as well as cat food from another group I signed up with, and I'll just have to give them my opinions later on. Between the small cash incentives and sample items (sometimes full size!) I have really been saving A LOT. I just completed a survey today in which I'll receive a $10 Amex gift card. And I signed up for a trial month with Blockbuster so I'll get some free movie watching in. So adding this on to my budgeted plan for debt repayment really makes a difference, because it helps my wallet out in a different way.

4 Responses to “I need advice”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I guess I'm a little confused and need a little clarification.
    The debt blemish has been taken off your credit report but remains on Chex Systems. Is the blemish, or the fact that you paid off the blemish older than 7 years? How is the debt blemish affecting your ability to get credit?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What is a Sharebuilder promotion? Congrats on the scratch off win!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sharebuilder is a program that allows you to buy stocks online, and for opening an account I received a bonus (signed up my bf also, so that's why we got that much). Thanks Smile

    The blemish isn't affecting my ability to get credit (or won't, once I know it's definitely been removed from my credit report), but it does affect me being able to open a bank account. Yes, I have a checking account already, but what if I wanted to switch banks? I probably would be unable to. I have already been denied opening a UFB, HSBC and VirtualBank account (savings accounts, no less, which baffles me since they operate in a different way than checking, so why should I be denied) because of this blemish, which occurred about a year and a half ago (sold item on ebay, seller sent check through a certified program, fooled everyone, even my old bank, since they didn't notice for about a month. But it's my fault, at least that's how it comes out, I am the loser in this situation unfortunately. I disputed it and the bank reported me to collections, so I gave up and paid. Now it's screwing me over anyway). So I am really frustrated with the whole thing.

  4. Dani Says:

    Chex Systems is a verification report that banks and credit unions run on an individual to make sure they have no unpaid items to another financial institution. If an item shows as unpaid then the person is unable to receive any checking accounts or platic cards (atm/debit cards.)

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