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time is flying

October 8th, 2005 at 11:21 am

Each week goes by pretty quickly. I guess because my schedule is pretty tight? I've had a stressful week though, not related to work, but again with Nick and his knee. It blew out again and he's having trouble with work. Despite the fact he shouldn't be working, he is, and they are being as difficult as they can be. His lawyer is re-opening his worker's comp case from when this all happened originally, but that takes a month at least, and now his job is saying that they can't pay him if he isn't 100% and doing all required duties (even though he was, just with the help of his maintenaince technicians, which is what they are there for, he is a supervisor). So I think they probably plan to fire him in the long run Frown He/we just can't win. I am not allowing him to get another job like this, he can't do it. His knee can't handle it.

Want to hear something funny? The day after I called Netflix and complained about not receiving the $10 Target gc, and after he told me that's only if I joined, which I didn't believe, I received it in the mail. LOL - if I knew I'd get in touch with the same rep, I'd love to call and see why I somehow got it? Hehe. I am glad it's the weekend - it's been kinda blah outside and I just want to lay around this weekend. I am going to watch the free movies I am getting from my Blockbuster trial Smile

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